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Collecting Antique Slots

Players who dream of owning their own personal slot machines must know several facts before venturing out and buying one.

It is not illegal to own a personal slot machine. What is illegal is if the machine is used for gambling without a license. To register a slot machine, one has to go through numerous procedures to get it approved.

Slot machine ownerships vary from state to state. In most cases, states allow the possession of a machine if it meets three basic requirements: it has to be an antique, it can be a non-coin operated machine, and if the machine is not operational.

Antque slot machines are machines that have been built prior to 1950, during the industrial revolution. These antiques must be at least 25 years old to be called an antique. Several dealers all around the country have antique slot machines that reflect the style and era of that time.

Non-coin operated slot machines are slot machines that have no coin slot but have bill receptoras that can accept paper monery and pays out not cash but a receipt or ticket which can then be exchanged for cash. These machines look similar to the antique ones but without the coin slot and for some, without the traditional handle.

Non operational slot machines are machines that are used entirely for display purposes. Some of these machines do not have any inner workings but may just have the shell or outer layer intact. These machines may also have been altered in a way that it can no longer accept any coins or paper bills when played.

Not all slot machines a re authentic slot machines found in the casinos. Some are second rate knock offs that tend to break down after a while. Slot aficionados are advised to deal only with reputable stores or dealers that sell them.

Although having the thrill of nostalgia in ones home is a great thing, not all players would want an old machine occupying their homes. Some may opt for the newer, more modern models.

Many dealers across the country now sell used and refurbished models at a low price. Some of these machines have been donated or written as a tax write of by some casinos.

Many of the slot machines are usually 3 to 5 years old and some still have the original feel of a newly built model. The price range of these models are not based purely on their built date but according to the features each machine has. Some may have huge tops or display boards and some may even have multiple reels.

Owning a slot machine is not for everyone but for those that do collect them, it is a small price to pay for owning a piece of gambling history.

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