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Slot Player's Tipping Guide

Many people who work in the casino industry get majority of their salary frok the tips they make on a day to fay basis. For those who work under the classification of aservice industry, tips are the way to survive from payday to payday.

One of the most common questions asked by players si who should be tipped and how much.

Most players who play the table games usually tip the dealers while playing by placing a bet for them. Some players tip the dealers when they leave the game. For slot players things may get a bit unclear since playing slots is a one person-one machine game. Are slot players expected to tip and if so, to whom?

It is a rule of the thumb for slot players to tip the attendant who has come over to verify the jackpot and then return to count out the winnings. If the jackpot is over $1,200.00, the attendant would bring over tax forms that would have to be filled out before the player can be paid.

Most people assume that one must tip only one person. Sometimes this may not be the case. In a slot hand pay, or when the amount won is given to the winning person, two or three attendants have to be present to make sure the correct amount is paid to the correct person. In cases like these, it makes it hard for the winner who is to be tipped and how much.

A player should not be pressured in tipping each attendant that assists them. One option is to give a large bill to the attendant that counted out the payout and give instructions for it to be split amongst themselves.

There is no specific limit or amount for tipping after winning the jackpot. Players have been known to tip up to one percent of the jackpot. For a three thousand jackpot prize, the tip would be about $15 to $20 dollars.

Even if the player knows the tipping amount, sometimes they do not have the right amount needed at hand and are sometimes forced to give a larger tip or no tip at all. Veteran tippers advise carrying five to ten dollar bills in case they hit the big one.

Tipping is really a personal decision and is not mandatory. However, it is usually expected in gambling areas. Some players determine the largeness or smallness of the tip by the time it takes for the attendant to deliver the jackpot money. If the service is fast, up goes the tip. If the service is slow, the tip goes down. Other considerations might include how busy the casino is at the moment.

All seasoned tippers make it a point to tip the waiter or waitress. Although many casinos offer free drinks to its patrons, some casinos rely on the patrons tips to cover the staffs salary. Some casinos even require the waiters or waitresses to pay a teax whenever a drink is taken out from the bar. If the patron gets up and leaves before the drink arrives, the beverage server is held accountable.

Tipping is really a great way to show ones appreciation for service shown to players. It all depends on how generous one is after hitting the jackpot.


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